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Woodworking Machinery And Equipment in UAE

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Caterpillar R/A, Indl Area 3Sharjah, UAE 37589

About Woodworking Machinery and Equipment

Woodworking Machinery And Equipment

Wood working machines were developed to cut, drill, profile, join, shape and finish wood to manufacture furniture, wagons, cabinets, moldings and houses. Woodworking machines are either manually operated or computer controlled machinery. Some of the most common types of wood working tools are planers, shapers, table saws, band saws and routers. Planers: Planers are used to flatten boards to a particular thickness and to maintain consistency in thickness and shape. Power tools like saws are used to cut wood.

There are different kinds of saws that are used for various projects. A large table saw can cut wood in a fast and neat manner. A surface cum thickness planer is a machine that is used to maintain consistency in thickness of the wood and for surface finishing. A chain/ chisel mortiser is used to cut square or rectangular holes in the timber. These holes (mortise) are drilled on wooden pieces to allow them to be joined to other wood work pieces with the help of a tenon. A tenon is a protruding piece of wood that is that is placed in a mortise and acts as a joint.

Routers are used to cut intricate patterns and designs on wood. When compared to saws, routers are safer for use as they are equipped with an enclosed blade system. Grinding machines are used to add finishing surfaces of wood. Saws and drills are power tools that are used to cut timber. Large table saws could be used to cut large pieces of timber in a quick and neat manner. Small handheld saws such as saber and circular saws are also used to but cut smaller pieces of timber. Al Quoz industrial area 4 in Dubai and Industrial area 10 in Sharjah are some of the best areas in UAE to find companies that provide all kinds of wood working machinery in UAE.

Woodworking Tools in UAE

In the carpentry and woodworking field, there are several tools used to carry out the process efficiently and effectively. All the tools used in the woodworking process carry different working methods. High-quality woodworking tools are highly-priced when compared to the lower quality. As they carry out different operations, it is highly recommended to invest in superior quality woodworking machines. Listed here are the top woodworking machinery and equipment suppliers dealers and wholesale distributors in UAE. Some of the most important woodworking tools and machinery includes saws, mitre saw, jigsaw, chainsaw, circular saw, band saw, handsaw, hand planes, jack planes, block planes, electric planers, stationery planers, claw hammer, joiner mallet, milling machines, CNC machines, drill machine tools, hand drills, cordless drills, corded drill, wood lathes, chisels, wood finishing tools like an orbital sander, belt sander, files like triangular, straight or curved file, pocket tapes and measuring tapes. Contact the listed top suppliers of woodworking tool suppliers in UAE.