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Rolling Shutters in UAE

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About Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters provide better security than other types of doors. Roller shutters cannot be easily broken or removed without a great effort and this deters intruders. Roller shutters function on a coil mechanism and can be rolled up when not in use and thereby saves a lot of space. Roller shutters are not very expensive and are available in aluminium or steel. Aluminium and steel rolling shutters can be coated with a wide range of different finishes that protect it from the elements of nature and turn the shutters into a durable door.

Roller shutters can be classified into two categories based on the material from which they are made, based on how they operate and based on their applications. Grill Rolling Shutters, industrial rolling shutters are based on their application. A grill rolling shutter is used to places like transformer rooms to provide more ventilation while at the same time providing the same safety and protection. A small portion of these shutters at the top and the bottom are made of grill. Grill roller shutters are ideal for commercial places, transformer rooms, shops, power generator rooms. These shutters are also corrosion resistant. Industrial rolling shutters are shutters that are manufactured to be used in harsh environments. These shutters could be made from metal, aluminium and steel and can be operated with a gear or a push and pull type.

Automatic rolling shutters, push-pull rolling shutters, and mechanical gear type shutters are the different types of shutters that are based on the way they are operated. Automatic rolling shutters are fitted with an electric motor and gear box and can be manually operated when there is a power failure. A push-pull roller shutter is operated manually by pulling down the shutter to close and pulling the shutter up to open. These shutters are used in places where the opening is less than ten square meters. The mechanical gear types is commonly used for openings that are more than ten square meters This type of shutter is operated by a reduction gear and is easy to maintain. Some of the most popular locations in UAE to get in touch with companies that manufacture and install rolling shutters are Al Awir Industrial area in Dubai.