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Products & Services : Home Automation

About Home Automation

Home Automation

Home automation is the next generation smart home appliances that operates on a touch or click of a button. It connects the devices like clocks, speakers, lights, doorbell windows, blinds, heaters, appliances, cooking vessels to a common platform called internet. These smart home appliances can be operated and communicated through Internet Of Things which is the major key element for smart home automation. Smart home technology can even access the garage as a part of the smart home. They are the most amazing guardian of the home as they can be cotrolled from anywhere. Demand for home automation system has been increasing over a period of time, as all the devices or the bulk of electronic and electrical system within the home automatically enables working conditions to the changing environment. These technological based tasks can be easily controlled using one common device which is handy and comfortable. Now the advanced technology has come up with the control on the exiting device of the user like mobile phones which uses Bluetooth interfaces to communicate to the microcontroller of the electronic device. Bluetooth wireless technology is preferred nowadays than infrared and radio frequency remotes as Bluetooth is more secure and easy to handle. This technology converts sweet home to a much smarter home. Electronic devices like fans, lights, Air conditioners, washing machine, television or any other devices can be controlled using a single application in the android phones. These devices are connected to the microcontroller which has on and off functions. These functions are enabled to operate them from far distance. Now it is much safer with the authentication options enabled. Every time an appliance is controlled from remote, the user is taken to the authentication. Only after verifying the identity the devices are controlled. This created a safe and secure environment for your home or any other secured location.

Home appliances can be controlled either through a mobile phone or a palm-top pc which enables the home owners to control and monitor the home from remote locations. This technology adopts HACS system. Hot aisle containment system helps to receive signals from the remote user control. Technology now have gone up a step ahead and started implementing artificial intelligence to the home appliances. Google and amazon connect different devices through internet of things using the voice command. home automation is driving its future by detecting the owner’s arrival and automatically sets the air conditioner to the desired temperature. Lights and coffee brewers are automatically switched on. These advanced artificial intelligence systems are the future of home automation. Above listed are some of the top dealers of smart appliances in United Arab Emirates.

Business owners can now be in peace of mind with the latest improvement in the technology which is Internet Of Things that connects all the appliances right from printer, computers, lighting systems, doorbell, air conditioner and any appliance that can be named with the common internet platform which can be controlled by a single device. This makes home control systems, home security systems handy no matter wherever you are. Listed are the best home automation companies dealing with smart home technology in Dubai. These home automation equipments keeps the home completely safe and secured. Home automation companies provide customised office solution for every business and residential premise. They have best in class home automation equipments with the modern integrated technology and with the help of active customer service center they create perfect smart home technology in Dubai.

6 must know advantages of Home Automation

Home automation or the smart home technology takes control of all the electronic gadgets in industries and in residential automation. Advanced home automation controls the features of all the devices in a network called Internet Of things thus making it ideal to monitor, control and program their usage remotely.

1. Home automation or the smart homes is neither too expensive that is reserved only for wealthy nor too technical that can be mastered only by a tech pro. It is a simple smart home system that is much affordable and it is extremely user friendly.

2. They save considerable amount of your energy usage. Sensors that are connected to the sprinklers and air conditioners make sure that they don’t turn on during winter season.

3. They are the best option when it comes to home security. They provide extreme security options like activating the home security system remotely, view security camera footage from any device, gives text alert when the system gets tripped.

4. Smart plug is one best option to start with home automation. They help to control electric lamps, fans, air conditioner, refrigerators etc. Based on which you can add the products for which you would like to have a control remotely.

5. They are versatile and easy to use.

6. Smart home products can be even installed in your rental space and they are easily portable while moving in to a new space.