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Diesel Generators in UAE

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About Diesel Generators


Generators are devices which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The source of mechanical energy varies from one to another and similarly the electric output also varies. They are of many types including briefcase type, inverter type, portable type and roll frame type. They can also be classified as AC or DC type. It can be used for commercial, manufacturing, construction, mining, health care and institutional purposes to name a few. Its capacity varies from 20 to 2000 kVA. Diesel generators are the most widely used type because of its dependability. It is mainly used in critical setups such as hospitals and government institutions. In standby power supply, it can start and take up large scale loads in less than 10 seconds.

It is well-suited as a backup power as when the electricity supply is cut off in apartments. Moreover, it can be used as a power supply for temporary occasions like a party in the lawn or such. They can also be used as emergency backups after natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods or tropical cyclones. In addition, it can also be used in construction sites and various industrial purposes.

Generators produce carbon monoxide and are hence best suited for outdoor use. Moreover, carbon monoxide detector may be fit to avoid excessive emissions. It is not safe to touch it with wet hands. It is not advisable to use generators in rainy conditions and if it is necessary, the generators must be put up with a canopy or a tarp. Proper wiring has to be ensured before renting. Inflammable materials must be kept away from it. When refueling, it is safe to let it cool and it is highly advisable to use fresh gasoline instead of stocked up fuel.

Rental generators are commonly available atJabel Ali, UAE. It can also be rented atAl Quoz Industrial area 4, Dubai.

Diesel generators or alternator helps generate electricity with the diesel engine through electromagnetic induction. They are also known as diesel gensets, compression ignition engine. Above listed dealers provide the best generators to meet your needs. Mobile generators provide rugged or dependable power where ever you go. They are compact and easily transferred from one place to another. Cummins provide a wide range of mobile gensets like hydraulic generators, PTO generators, Silent generators, Gas generators, and standard diesel generators ranging from 0-150kw, 151-300kw, 301-500kw, 501-750kw, 751-1000kw and even more than 2000kw. Diesel generators are the best option as they are cheap and affordable as they run on diesel, natural gas or any liquid propane. Apart from that they are more reliable ranging from 6Kw to 3000Kw. They are available with a towable option, being mounted on a trailer which makes it portable.

Diesel generators holds this unique function of cooling system based on which differentiated as open loop where the engine is cooled by the water from external resource like water tanks and closed loop system where the water is reserved within the generator to cool the engine while running. Twin power generators run in a single platform with maximum power which emits heat energy. Hence a cooling system is required to control the fuel consumption. Diesel generators require constant service and inspection on the cooling system for higher performance and increased life. Mitsubishi, Aksa, Cummins, Coesmo, FG wilson, Denyo, Fuji, Perkins, Smart power, Yanmar, Genpower are some of the major brands available in United Arab Emirates. Get in touch with the authorized dealers of generator spare parts and suppliers to carry on with the maintenance and service of your generators.

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