Kitchen Design

Top Kitchen Design Best Practices, Tips and Trends 2018

A kitchen is a place where your kids rush in when they need some food or where your guests feel at ease, or it’s a place that brings the whole family together. If you are nodding your head in agreement then you must know the top kitchen design best practices, tips and trends 2018 mentioned right here and adopt as many as possible to make your kitchen inviting and enticing.

  • Hard Countertops

If you want hard, beautiful and timeless countertops, you should invest in quartz finishes as they are nearly indestructible and look great in almost every kitchen.

  • Avoid White Kitchens

Gone are the days when white kitchens were in vogue. They not only need more maintenance but are also hard to clean. Opt for rich and intoxicating looks as they are in vogue now and are expected to be.

  • The Matte Look

The matte look is in when it comes to kitchen cabinets and appliance. Go for it, and your kitchen will look cool at all times.

  • The Tiles

If you want your kitchen décor to look flawless, you should add Spanish and Moroccan inspired tiles. They are stunning and yet simple in their way.

  • Mix and Match

In case you don’t want a boring kitchen, you can opt for mix and match theme where the countertops are different, the cabinets are different, and the flooring is different while they all mix and match perfectly.

  • No Stainless Steel

The era of stainless steel has ended. So, when you buy appliances, fixtures, and finishes, you should either select neutral tones or experiment with colorful and patterned elements that work as conversation starters.

  • Remember Undercounter

Last but not least, you should consider putting your appliances like microwave under the counter to have more space over the counter and make your kitchen look cleaner and less cluttered.